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(The diary of a DXPeditioner - by Steve G0UIH/VK2IAY/3D2FI webmaster www.rsgbiota.org )
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IOTA - What is IOTA? & what does the program involve?
IOTA - Who are we? - Meet the RSGB IOTA Committee


Past IOTA Activations
VK2IAY/4   2002 Islands on the Air (IOTA) Dxpedition to Australia (Queensland Islands)
OC-137 Nth Stradbroke Island, OC-137 Bribie Island, OC-142 Lady Elliot Island, OC-172 Fitzroy Island

VK2IAY/4   2003 Islands on the Air (IOTA) Dxpedition to Australia (Queensland Islands)
OC-137 Lamb (Ngudooroo) Island, OC-160 Hook Island, OC-171 Dunk Island

3D2FI / VK2IAY/4   2004 Islands on the Air (IOTA) Dxpedition to Fiji & Australia (Queensland Islands)
OC-137 North Stradbroke Island, OC-121 Beachcomber Island, OC-156 Nacula Island


EA8/G0UIH/p Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands
2006 Holiday Activation (IOTA AF-004)


VK2IAY/4   2007/8 Islands on the Air (IOTA) Dxpedition to Australia (Queensland Islands)
Great Keppel Island in the Barrier Reef Capricorn Group(GKI) IOTA OC-142 and South Molle Island IOTA OC-160 in the Whitsunday Group
during December 2007 and January 2008.

Up and Coming Activations - Nothing as yet for 2008
ONLINE LOGS - See if you are in the LOG from all activations.
Log for 2007/8 OC-142 and OC-160 not yet online
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