VK2IAY/4 IOTA Activation OC-137/160/171 Nov/Dec 2003
(The diary of a DXPeditioner - by Steve G0UIH/VK2IAY webmaster www.rsgbiota.org )

The 2002 activation information to Lady Elliot Island (OC-142), Fitzroy Island (OC-172) and Nth Stradbroke Island (OC-137)
is currently online at www.percy.me.uk 

Images and DXPedition information for the 2003 activation
All QSL Cards will have been sent out by February 2004


2003 IOTA Activation to Australia (Queensland) including - Hook Island (OC-160)
Dunk Island (OC-171) and Lamb Island (Ngudooroo) (OC-137)

Here's a  rundown and diary of my 2003 IOTA Activation of 3 Queensland Islands.
For this activation I was lucky enough to get a 4 weeks' vacation period from my works QTH. I left a fairly cool UK  (5 degrees) in mid November en-route to base in Brisbane with my very good long term friends Bryan and Carole.
The first week was spent in and around the local area of southern QLD, including shopping and getting acclimatized
to the very nice 35 degree daytime temps.

Following from the initial first week I made tracks North to start the first Island activation from Hook island (OC-160). Hook is one of the most northerly of the Whitsunday Islands, which also includes major resorts such as "Hayman" and "Hamilton Island". It was actually discovered on "Whitmonday", but because of the time difference between GMT and VK "Captain Cook" got the time and dates wrong -
but it seems he was let off the "Hook" - pardon the pun hi hi!

I arrived into "Airlie Beach" which is just East of Proserpine and is the "Gateway" to the Whitsunday Islands. I hopped onto "Voyager" one of the regular water taxi fast cat services that circumnavigate the islands on a daily basis. We had a very good journey which took me via "Long Island" and the famous "Whitehaven Beach" on Whitsunday Island, so I managed to include some island sightseeing at the same time.

On arrival at Hook I was greeted by Gary and Caroline who made me feel very much at home. Hook is pretty well off the main tourist route which served as an excellent base in order to operate IOTA. On 2 nights during my 7 night stay I was the only "Inmate" hi!. Hook Island is a pretty rugged place and not the sort of environment you would want to get lost in. The resort area is generally basic and once you move out from this base, the island is a tropical rain-forest with no paths or routes to follow - it's real wilderness and as the locals say "Welcome to Hook Island Wilderness Lodge". If you stray too far, the chances are you'll get lost and some previous visitors have with life threatening circumstances. The Island is awash with much natural wildlife such as  Spiders, Snakes, Frogs, Goanas, Gheko's etc plus a multitude of other wildlife, so it must be respected, as some bite and can be deadly.

I had some very fond times on Hook and Ellen (Gary and Carolines' daughter) gave me the full rundown and a super guided tour that most other visitors would only dream of. Hook also has an underwater observatory at the end of the Jetty, this allows visitors to view the vast selection of superb marine wildlife found in and around the Barrier Reef Marine Park. In all Hook island and its very friendly staff did me proud - I look forward to seeing you again!!


           Steve G0UIH/VK2IAY Hook Island                                                                 Hook Local Wildlife (and he's a small one!!)


Hook Island - Ellen                       A Frog Keeping an Eye on us!                       Gary and Sarah


        Scott and Rachel (Hook Island)                                 Green Parrott - taken on Hook                              Hook Beach, Resort and Landing Area

Click here for the "Dunk Island" and "Lamb Island" Pix.
73 Steve G0UIH / VK2IAY